Pearson Q-interactive

Managing the shift from analog to digital testing

Visual design

for Sketch Collaborative; design direction by Super Natural Design

Neuropsychological assessment traditionally requires cumbersome test kits, containing numerous test booklets, scoring materials, timers, and associated tools. Assembling and administering test batteries involves a lot of manual intervention, leaving a high margin for error or loss, and limiting the possibility of adjusting an in-progress test battery.

Pearson’s Q-interactive system dramatically increases an examiner’s effectiveness and efficiency by using an iPad app (‘Assess’) to administer these same tests in digital format. This is accompanied by a management and reporting web app (‘Central’), shown here.

Administration dashboard, providing quick access to current tasks. The presentation mirrors that of the ‘Assess’ app, giving the clinician a consistent experience whether they are examining patients or managing accounts.

Assessments can exist in a variety of states of completion, and can be added or removed from test devices from this single sync point.

Available test batteries, covering aspects of cognition such as intelligence, memory, language processing, executive function, visuospatial functioning, and dementia.

Though some test batteries are designed to assess multiple neuropsychological functions, an examiner may opt to combine a number of individual tests and subtests into a custom battery, in order to better diagnose an individual’s specific disorder(s).

Validation of a custom battery.

Patient profile management.