Capturing critical cardiac data

Information and instructional design

The Zio Patch is a wearable cardiac monitor, capable of recording heart activity for up to fourteen days at a time. Analysis of the data captured by the patch provides vital insights into a patient’s heart health, particularly any suspected arrhythmias.

Since certain physicians look for different information to others—cardiologists needs’ differ from those of electrophysiologists, for example—design of the (printed) reports required a careful balance of potentially critical clinical data with issues of usability and orientation. Many physicians also receive the reports via fax, adding further constraints to the overall information presentation.

The Zio Patch Report comprises a summary page (left) and multiple chapters, each detailing a specific arrhythmia. Vital statistics are presented consistently throughout, and EKG strips are deployed to highlight key findings.

Nighttime arrhythmias are assessed differently to daytime ones, so greater use of color was considered to delineate night and day on the reports. Color does not reproduce on faxed reports, so this was an intentionally disposable embellishment to the key data.