CRM software for automotive service providers

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With infrequent need for their services—and the low tech, nuts ‘n’ bolts nature of the job—small automotive service providers (such as quickie lube shops) typically have trouble retaining customers. DriverSide’s Business Control Center (since rebranded) exists to help such businesses attract and retain customers, via its email marketing services and associated management program.

The DriverSide program sends car owners service reminders (in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended service schedules), and then tracks how much business comes from those reminders, and over what period. Included special offers can be adjusted based on results.

An appointment management system helps small shops to communicate availability (especially after hours) and triage incoming reservations, from both reminder emails and affiliate programs.

A shop’s overall profile can be gauged via user reviews, which appear on its own site and affiliated booking sites. A bad review may be briefly ‘incubated’ in order to allow the shop to address the issue before the review is published.

On program customers (those who’ve supplied their email address and responded to service reminders) typically return to the shop more often. A shop can evaluate the worth of the program at any point, and also see what proportion of business is coming from non-program sources.