Visualizing the shift from ACE to STEAM


In light of major changes in its audience (the shift from high-end ACE professionals to so-called ‘makers’, in particular), Autodesk undertook a rebranding program themed around transformation. This notion was represented by origami – the idea that a two dimensional plane can transform in both simple and complex ways, to create objects of beauty and sophistication that reflect STEAM fundamentals in aspirational and achievable ways.

Building upon a well established icon system (using the first letter of each product name), Mangatelier was commissioned to create icons for desktop and marketing communications usage, notably on product packaging.

Explorations in volume, shadow, and light: each letter was folded from a single square of tracing paper, scanned and converted to outlines, and then manipulated to create final, dimensional art.

Skeletons of select letters, showing all folds.

Studies into color, lighting, and iconographic form: existing color schemes (aligned around verticals) were to remain in use.

Studies into color, lighting, and iconographic form: a single desktop application and its subsidiary files can have a variety of different icon formats.

Final product & suite icons for Alias, Infrastructure, Navisworks, and Robot Structure (2014 editions).

Investigation of icon family artwork, addressing variations and necessary adjustments at different asset sizes.