Mangatelier is a graphic design practice based in the San Francisco Bay Area, working at the intersection of the consumer-oriented web, data-heavy web apps, and information visualization.

Catering to corporate, non-profit, and startup clients alike, Mangatelier combines visual design systems, user-centered design, simplified communications, information architecture, and creative writing – all with an eye on developing and maintaining brand integrity through memorable and engaging experiences.

This integrated process yields solid, strategic solutions rather than mere window dressing, and enables the studio to tackle all manner of projects, from small to large, micro detail to macro concept.

And far from being a ‘jack of all trades’, this is instead ample demonstration of a rigorous and thorough approach to visual communication, one that is firmly grounded in the fundamentals of good design: put the audience at the center of the solution, meet business objectives, and manage it all with good humor and efficiency.